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Misc. Layout Design Work

These miscellaneous projects are ones that are focused on layout design. This includes: poster, banners, flyers, business cards, etc.


Pippin Flyer

Flyer design for a high school production of the musical "Pippin". A horizontal version was also created for social media. The client wanted the poster to be a bit mysterious and intrigue. This was designed while interning at New Mind Design.

ESU Art + Design Banners

Banners designed for East Stroudsburg University's Art + Design Department. These banners were made to be used at recruitment and open house events. The longer banner will be a standing banner while the other smaller one is meant to sit on the table. 

The design for the banners had to follow the branding guidelines for the college, which is why the colors, fonts, and images are the way they are. 

tall banner_Flat_reduced.png

Art + Design Exhibition

Flyer design created for a virtual Art + Design exhibition being hosted by the Art Association at East Stroudsburg University. Students were allowed to submit all different types of media to the show, such as fine arts, graphic design, product design, etc. The flyer was designed in a way to convey that all different types of mediums were allowed. One figure is painting and doing fine arts, while the other figure is on a laptop doing some type of digital work.

Speakeasy Showcase

Flyer design for an event that was being thrown in early 2020 by the Student Engagement at East Stroudsburg University. The flyer mixes both modern and vintage elements together.

Skylar_Rutan_Poster (2).png

Magic Club Flyer

Flyer design for a magic club that was being started at East Stroudsburg University.


CHANGE Magazine

Created for a Digital Medial class project. The goal was to design a few pages of a fake magazine, along with the front and back covers, as well as the spine. This specific magazine centers around the theme of climate change, and this issue focuses on climate change in the Arctic.

Inclusion Poster Project Timeline

Timeline for the Inclusion Poster Project from East Stroudsburg University. This timeline highlights important dates and events in relation to the project. This timeline was created to be interactive and have pop-ups which can be seen in the .pdf version. To view the interactive pdf version click the black button.


New Mind Design Business Card

Business Card concept design for the New Mind Design agency. It was one of the final designs chosen for the business card, till the business cards were scratched altogether.


Front of Business Card


Back of Business Card

SkyBlue Ad

Ads to promote SkyBlue's vape set, designed to be uploaded onto Leafly. The design direction was based on the name of the company "Sky" and "Blue" as well as the company's color scheme.

Off Kilter

Off Kilter was an app design I created for a college project back in 2019. The basis of the app was that it revolved around mental health. The goal was to have everything in one app, so some features included medication alerts as well as appointment alerts, mental health checkup, and relaxation techniques. I've recently decided to go back to working on the app and completely redesign it. Currently it is a work-in-progress. The application Sketch is being used to design the app. * Please note that the grey boarder around the homepage is just to make it stand out from the white background of the webpage, it is not part of the actual design.

Home Page

The button down below takes you to the prototype of the original Off Kilter app design. This version was made using Adobe XD.

Passcode is 1590

Off Kilter Logo

The logo is the letters "O" and "K", for Off Kilter. Because of this it makes word "Ok" and the word "ok" will appear throughout the app such as asking the user "are you ok?". "Ok" also forms an abstract figure. The "o" being the head and the "k" as the body.  

The word off-kilter refers to not being perfectly balanced, being off, odd, different from the usual. These words can be used to describe having mental health issues. For example you brain isn't balanced, different than those who have no mental health issues. A person with mental illness may feel off, weird.

Christmas Carol Flyer

Flyer design that was created to be a potential flyer for a high school theatre production of "A Christmas Carol". This was done while interning at New Mind Design. Below are different color schemes for the poster. The text "A Christmas Carol" was hand-drawn.

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