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Offf Kilter

App Design Layout

Off Kilter Logo

Off Kilter was an app design I created for a college project back in 2019. The basis of the app was that it revolved around mental health. The goal was to have everything in one app, so some features included medication alerts as well as appointment alerts, mental health checkup, and relaxation techniques. I've recently decided to go back to working on the app and completely redesign it. Currently it is a work-in-progress. The application Sketch is being used to design the app. * Please note that the grey boarder around the homepage is just to make it stand out from the white background of the webpage, it is not part of the actual design.

Home Page

The logo is the letters "O" and "K", for Off Kilter. Because of this it makes word "Ok" and the word "ok" will appear throughout the app such as asking the user "are you ok?". "Ok" also forms an abstract figure. The "o" being the head and the "k" as the body.  

The word off-kilter refers to not being perfectly balanced, being off, odd, different from the usual. These words can be used to describe having mental health issues. For example you brain isn't balanced, different than those who have no mental health issues. A person with mental illness may feel off, weird.


The button down below takes you to the prototype of the original off kilter app design.

Passcode is 1590

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