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A Fall Evening in October


Drawn in late October this illustration was inspired by the coming of fall and start of fall related activities. Showcased in this illustration is something that most in the US have experienced: going to a pumpkin patch, picking out your pumpkins and posing for photos. The goal was to create a cozy, warm feeling that remind viewers of their on experiences of going to the pumpkin patch during the fall in the month of October.

A fall evening in october.png

Illustration Proccess

Above is the drawing process for this illustration. The 1st image was drawn in pencil in a sketchbook. After really liking the idea for this illustration I decided to turn it digital. The 2nd image depicts a digital sketch in red done in Procreate where I edited the design slightly and fine tuned some aspects.  The last image is the final illustration, which can also be seen bigger to the left of this text. The final illustration was done completely in Procreate.

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